Hygiene& Sanitary Pad program

Hygiene& Sanitary Pad program

Project Hygiene started in April 18,2018 in eight villages covering a radius of 8km of the project site of Stewards Trust. The program covered girls from BPL families in the age group of 11 to 18. Seventy girls were successfully listed in the program. The girls could be in the program for a period of 5 years. The program is conducted once a month in which packet of 8 sanitary pads is distributed worth Rupees 27. Other items received three times a year are a fresh hand towel and Dettol Soap. Twice a year they get a winter gift of a blanket and in the spring a mosquito net.

The Subjects taught in the program are

  • Ladies Reproductive Organs
  • Sanctity of a Woman’s Body
  • Myths Concerning Ladies Menstrual Cycle
  • Bathing and Cleanliness During Menstrual Cycle
  • Keeping Monthly Menstrual Cycle
  • Disposing of Sanitary Napkins
  • Signs of Anaemia
  • Dangers of Early Marriage
  • Importance of Education
  • Importance of Nutrition
  • Nearest Health Center and Benefits for Ladies

All the girls are using the napkins that are given. Around 60 are purchasing if they need more for their monthly period from the market. Unfortunately around 10 are very poor so if they need more they usually revert back to cloth for the remainder of the month.

Funds are needed to expand project hygiene improving the health of women in the villages.

What We Need

  • Sanitary pad making machine and training program. Teaching women to make their own pads and not being dependent on high priced sanitary pads sold in the market.
  • Double the distribution of sanitary pads per individual.
  • Reaching more women by expanding the demographic to a population of above 18 years.

Case Study (Palave & Risha)

Palave in the yellow scarf is 18 years old and studying in the 12th class. She is engaged to be married next year. She joined Project Hygiene and is very grateful for the teaching and counselling which she is receiving. She is thankful for this project which in many ways has prepared her for married life. Learning about the sanctity of her body and how to care for herself as a woman are not taught in her home. She also adopted the use of sanitary pads.

Risha is thirteen years and a good friend of Palave. Both the girls attend Project Hygiene together. Risha is much younger to Palave but is grateful that she is a part of this program. She never knew anything about sanitary pads and how to take care for her body during her monthly period. She has started using sanitary pads. She is learning and able to share so many things that she cannot share in her home because of cultural taboos about women and their menstrual cycle.